still a neophyte
"The great thing about real life is that it belongs to you... you can make it up as you go :)"

hey! i'm whyne! i love to post random thoughts! and of course photos that represent an entirety of me!. i always thought that photos should not only be looked at but should always be looked into. i reblog random photos i have looked into.

i get so fascinated everything about fashion. i find it random too. and only great minds can afford a simple style. which makes me believe i can be genious of!

i'm a fan of: tumblr, fashion, photography, starbucks, TOMS, victoria's secret, lookbook, shoes, bags, glitters, emo, facebook, guitar, music, sketch pad, pencils, pastel colors, sepia, strawberry shortcake, berry banana, starbucks, satchels, love

DisclaimerNone of these things posted in this photoblog are owned by me unless stated or watermarked.

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